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[BH0142-pw-ornm-tpa] Goat Car ornament Car Decoration

[BH0142-pw-ornm-tpa] Goat Car ornament Car Decoration

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This ornament is perfect for your car rear view mirror, house, birthday gift, or gift for any holiday. Try something new when you get in the car.

– The product is made from acrylic or ply wood
– The printed design is clear to ensure no color is faded
– All the molds will be put into 3.5×3.5 inches acrylic/wood sheet for cutting
– The product is printed on 2 sides.
– A hole and twinkle thread attached to the strap
– Ornament is used to display as home decoration or meaningful gifts for friends and relatives on special occasions such as Christmas, Valentine, birthday…
– Suitable for expressing your personality

Processing time: 2-3 days

Shipping time: 5-15 days (USPS)